Friday, January 25, 2019

Boys 3rd -7th SPECIAL NUMBER!!

We are extending a SPECIAL invitation to BOYS to join our boys for this FUN FUN FUN number! They will love it and have a blast! 

The number is from the "Greatest Showman" called 
"The Other Side" SO...we're sending a message out to YOU to spread the word! 

The students already enrolled IN TaVaci will NOT have an additional fee! The fee listed below is ONLY for "extra" boys not currently enrolled in TaVaci.

Cost is only $25.00 for ALL rehearsals--They do NOT need to be enrolled in TaVaci-- Only criteria is: 

  • A boy from 3rd-7th grade 
  • One who will listen to direction 
  • They need to come to rehearsals on Monday from (EXACT dates and times to be announced SOON!) 
  • They will need transportation to the dress rehearsal on Thursday May 2nd to and from Blackfoot (help mom's-HELP!) 
  • They CAN ride the bus with us on Friday--but that would mean they would stay for the 2 hours. 
  •  AND..of course the concert on May 4th at 3:00 
  • Needed: black t shirt (the T shirt is for "extra" boys only--) The boys already attending TaVaci will wear their purple dress shirt. 
  • The T shirts will be purchased by me... I will charge my cost plus $1.00--estimated at $7.00 for each T shirt. 

We have a few already joining us! The MORE the merrier! AND...if you "wonder" if someone you know just MIGHT be interested...we invite them to come to ONE rehearsal. If they opt NOT to be in the harm done! 

 Please let me know how many and who will be joining us! Thanks so much for your help! For your "viewing" pleasure to give you an the clip here!

 AND..lastly...please share this with those that might be of interest! This is going to be FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

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