Thursday, July 12, 2018

What is TaVaci?

Children are taught by qualified directors how to sing correctly, drama, music theory and performing skills.  Now here’s the sneaky part: they are also building self-esteem, using their imagination, developing talents and improving communication skills.  All while having fun!

The mission of TaVaci Inc. is to provide an educational program designed to teach the performing arts to children in a way that will help them develop invaluable life skills. We believe that the self-esteem, the creative abilities, the communication skills and the ultimate success of children will be enhanced through the study of music, drama and performance under the direction of trained and dedicated TaVaci instructors.

Classes are taught on a weekly basis during the school year , September to May, and are divided according to age:


1st-2nd Grade
3rd-4th Grade
5th-7th Grade