Monday, October 29, 2018

Dear TaVaci Parents,

November is fast approaching! It's hard to believe that at the beginning of NEXT-NEXT month we will be rehearsing/performing our annual Christmas Concert! I'm sure you have all calendared for this wonderful event! BUT for those of you NEW to our website... It's December 8th  (Saturday) at 3:00. It's held at the beautiful Blackfoot Performing Arts Center!  We fully expect your Christmas season to be OPENED with festive smiles! 

Pictures for Media Presentation! MONDAY and TUESDAY—NEXT WEEK! Nov. 5th and 6th
We will be taking pictures of your kiddos for our annual media presentation. You read that right! Just bring your kiddos to class.. normal clothes..but please wear/bring coats, hats, etc. We are doing something a tad different this year but are excited for the fun! will save you the extra time of travel and scheduling, etc! SO...THIS next Monday and Tuesday we will be taking OUTSIDE shots of the kids at the following times:

Monday... 3:45-4:45 CLASS--Come at the usual time! We will KEEP these kids for about 15 additional minutes so they can be picked up around 5:00. Make sure they have coats/jackets/ etc. as they will be a quick pic outside!

Monday...5:00-6:00 CLASS-- PLEASE come at (or really close to) 4:30  We will take the girls pictures BEFORE the 1st class gets OUT of class. Then..they will attend their normal class. IF there is a time change for the END of class, I will let you know! Who knows? They may start their class a tad early! BUT...plan on the normal release time of 6:00...JUST in case! 

Tuesday 3:30-4:15 CLASS-- Come to class at the regular time..we will need 15 more minutes with them! They can be picked up at 4:30!

Tuesday 4:30-5:15 CLASS--Please come at 4:15. We may start this class only a few minutes late, but will end at the normal time of 5:15.

THANKS to ALL! See you on Nov. 5th and Nov. 6th !

Performance!! Dec 1st
We are honored and PLEASED to once again be invited to the Bannock County Historical Museum to perform.! Out performance for this event is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 1st. We would like for your children to arrive at 11:40 to be ready to perform at 12:00. The museum has ALWAYS provided a lovely "spread" of goodies for us for attending this GREAT place. I am amazed every time I go there! They take care of TaVaci! All students will perform and please wear your costumes! Recognize any of those folks??

Props for Dec 2018
This year...the LITTLES (meaning Tuesday’s classes) have either ONE or TWO props! The TINY TUNES (3:30-4:15 class) have a PUPPY and a TAMBOURINE. The Minors Class (Tuesday 4:30-5:15) has ONE prop…a Tambourine.

The Monday classes also have props. They will be using Fidget Spinner, Reindeer Nose,  Red Santa Hat, Beard, AND they will need a baseball-ish type cap (YOU BRING) …WHEW!
Baseball cap!! Please bring a baseball cap (the more color the BETTER…but ANY will do!) If you don’t put your name on the inside of it, we will. We would LIKE for them to be brought to class NEXT week AND leave them. I will bring them to rehearsal AND concert and they may take them home on concert night


Cost for Props - Monday Classes- $17.00 (tax included)
Cost for Props – Tuesday Class- $20.00 (3:30 Class) $10.00 (4:30 Class)

We are THRILLED and excited that the GIRLS (all classes) have a new (and I might add) ADORABLE costume this year! AND…drum roll please….. they are SIMPLE! AND… the ONLY thing you will need  to provide on your own ( UNLESS you let me know you need some help) is:
Black Leggings!
AND…we DO recommend a black modbe underneath .
Here is the OLDER Girls FUN shirt ($32.00)
Younger model… but you get the idea! Girls will wear solid black leggings

Here is the YOUNGER Girls FUN Shirt ($32.00)
Girls will wear solid black leggings

The older girls (Monday Classes) will have an adorable gold shirt to wear with black leggings ( YOU purchase the leggings on your own) The younger girls ALSO have an adorable RED shirt (YOU purchase black leggings on your own)

 AND…Heads UP REMINDER! NO costumes will go out unless accounts are paid and current. Thanks for helping us with this!

*Just to keep you in the LOOP... Here's the tentative (but almost positive) VAN/ BUS schedule for rehearsals on the 6th-7th of Dec.

  • If your child will NOT be riding the bus OR Van: (Either day!!)  I MUST know about this by WEDNESDAY, Dec. 5th     .  Please e mail me at Otherwise, we will plan on your child riding the bus. For your comfort (J) we are providing our wonderful teachers, assistants, backstage helpers AND some very wonderful MOM’S that will be riding the bus! Thanks to those of you who have offered to assist us!
Transportation Schedule
Thursday, Dec. 6th     (Dress Rehearsal --FULL COSTUME)
                                                          Pre-2nd Transportation
Drop OFF your TUESDAY children…………. BE at least 15 minutes early! 
We WILL DEPART at the times posted!!
(Tuesday CLASSES!)   NORTH end section of Mini-dome parking lot
                                   (Corner of Bonneville and 18th St)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Time         Date   
                                                                         3:45    12/6 (Thursday)
PICK UP your TUESDAY children…………..…… BE at least 15 minutes early!
(Tuesday CLASSES!)   NORTH end section of Mini-dome parking lot
(Corner of Bonneville and 18th  St) **I will send a group text when Van leaves Blackfoot                      
                                                                              Time          Date   
                                                                             6:15       12/6(Thursday)
Thursday, Dec. 6th      (FULL COSTUME )
3rd-6th   Vans
Drop OFF your MONDAY children……………  BE at least 15 minutes early!
We WILL DEPART at the times posted!!
 (Monday Classes)   NORTH end section of Mini-dome parking lot
                                      (Corner of Bonneville and 18th St)                                                                                                                               Time        Date 
                                       5:00     12/6(Thursday)   
PICK UP  your MONDAY children………..…… BE at least 15 minutes early!
 (Monday Classes NORTH end section of Mini-dome parking lot
(Corner of Bonneville and 18th  St) **I will send a group text when Van leaves Blackfoot                  
                                                                                    Time        Date
                                                                                    7:30    12/6(Thursday)   
Monday Kids NOTE: Please allow an additional 15 minutes LEIGHWAY on Thursday night. We are HOPING we will not need it, but we have some major staging to do and ‘just in case’ we are out of time, the additional 15 minutes will be WONDERFUL if needed!
1 Van will leave Blackfoot at 7:00 –Below Specialty STAYS— and will return in the 2nd van..
Specialty Rehearsal (We Need a Little Christmas)  7:00-7:30
They MAY be quicker than the time listed. AGAIN..I will send a group text.

Friday, Dec 7th     (PAJAMA REHEARSAL)
ALL CLASSES Drop OFF— Mini Dome Parking Lot (Bonneville- 18th )—
 Please be there 15 minutes early! 3:30!
                                       3:45 p.m. (Friday-12/7/8)

ALL CLASSES PICK UP— Mini Dome Parking Lot (Bonneville- 18th )—
                                           7:00 p.m. (Friday-12/7/18)
Christmas Concert    
(Sorry—no bus L)
Saturday, Dec. 8th     3:00

Blackfoot Performing Arts Center—be there by 2:30!
Concert is FREEEEEEE to all! Be there on time!

Address: 870 S. Fisher Blackfoot, ID

January Classes:  We will resume classes after the Christmas break on January 14th and 15th KEEP in mind that the 14th IS Martin Luther King Day! NO School! BUT we will have our FIRST TaVaci class on that day! You will ALL get a email/postcard reminder!~

Spring? WHAT? It's not even WINTER yet! Yes...I know..but I'm always looking ahead! We are NOW preparing music for our upcoming SPRING concert. Get ready…get ready…. We will be singing HITS from “The Greatest Showman”  The KIDS are so pumped about this and can HARDLY WAIT! US either!  We are thrilled about the fun music we have planned THUS far...

Meanwhile...schedule for the Spring concert is MAY 4th  (Saturday) with rehearsals on the 2nd  and 3rd  again concert is at 3:00.


Party! Party! Par---TAY!
We will be celebrating the success of Christmas Concert the week of Dec. 10th  and 11th  during regular class times. Come prepared to eat delicious food and view excerpts of the video...which leads me RIGHT into the next portion of this update!...... Keep READING!....almost DONE!!

DVD's of our concert are available on the web page AS I TYPE OR you may opt to order yours at the actual event.. We understand you want to make SURE the concert is a success before ordering....UH...WHAT? Is there even the smallest DOUBT? Cost is $25.00 (mailing included!)

Your kids have been working hard to put on a very entertaining and uplifting show! I, for one, can't wait to see it! Be prepared to smile, and even shed a tear or two! Please welcome family members near and far to attend. always....our concerts are FREE to the public! It's hard to believe that you can attend such an event as this for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited and can't wait to share with you! Send out your invites now so all can enjoy the MUSIC with us! 

Statements :And...your FAVORITE part of the news update...UGH...not yours OR mine... Statements.. I will be e mailing statements in the next few days. Please make sure accounts are current before Dec. 1st.  Dec. tuition will be included in your statement. 

Cindy-Heather-Andrea-Amberlyn, and Jesse

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