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July 2020

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            July 2020

Dear Parents,
          What a YEAR this has been! I usually use A LOT of the same information from year to year…BUT 2020 certainly will be an exception! That being said… SOME of the information will be the same!

It has taken us the ENTIRE summer to be patient..wait some…and patiently WAIT some more to come to our decision to
START TaVaci classes AGAIN!!
We hope you AND your children are as excited as we are to SING and have some FUN!

Below are the Covid-19 issues we wish to address:

We want you to know that we will be taking EVERY precaution to keep ALL of us safe. We are also choosing to occasionally make use of the outdoors for as many as possible classes. Thank goodness I have a large backyard AND a basketball court! WAHOO! Of course—weather will be a factor—even too HOT will not work! BUT..we will certainly use this as an option!

We will take temperatures of each student AND teachers before entering the studio (it certainly wouldn't hurt for YOU to do that as well) ...Please please--PLEASE remember do NOT bring your child to class if they  display any kind of illness.

We will hand sanitize each student AS they enter the studio AND as they exit along with approximately every 15 minutes in between activities. We will also sanitize the studio ie. Benches, doorknobs, and spray the back wall before AND after each class. Teachers will be using a mask. Students may wear a mask if they/you desire. The younger classes teacher MAY be using a plastic shield instead of a mask as the little ones rely SO much on facial expressions and since we teach by rote..often a bit of “lip reading” goes on! J

As ALL of you are aware, we sadly were not able to put on our Spring concert this last season. L I waited and waited and waited, hoping we could put on SOMETHING—even outdoors, but sadly it just didn’t work out! My plan (and HOPE) is to share our 90’s medley in the Spring of 2021.  Although we WILL have our “usual” repertoire of material. We will invite ALL who were part of Spring 2020 to join us. We will provide YOUTUBE videos for those students to practice. We will only occasionally practice a bit in class in the Spring.

Fortunately.. because our concerts are held at the BPAC (Blackfoot Performing Arts Center) we will not have trouble with “social distancing” for our audience for the Christmas Concert. More details will be forthcoming as information comes to US regarding the process of the concert. Stay tuned….

Also…because of the uncertainty of ANY concert—concert fees will NOT be assessed until we KNOW we will be holding a concert. Also…keep in mind, concerts ARE an intricate part of TaVaci…BUT the classroom experience plays a VERY important part in each child’s growth.

·       Due to the unusual circumstances this year—we would REALLY appreciate your response in registering your children as soon as possible so that we can arrange for classroom space

·       Below are our “regular” prices. Because of the uncertainty –these prices might be readjusted depending on class length..etc. SO many questions! We want to “maintain a presence” in our community. We (along with you!)Want the kids to KEEP singing and have enjoyment in their lives. We will keep you updated!

Please find attached information containing the following:
                     * Class Schedules
            * Registration forms
             * Studio Policies
             * Spotlight sheet (3rd-6th grade only)
** ---Remember, spotlights are 3rd – 6th only! Please e mail OR bring to class!

Please note the times below in the class schedules.
**Check out our website for Pocatello! Go to to see easier to use SITE!

          May I once again let you know that we have a FUN and eventful year planned for you and your kids. I’m thrilled with the music chosen for this year!

We (and the KIDS!) are so excited for the SEASON!
NOW is the time to register or place their names on our waiting list.

Classes will be held on MONDAYS (3RD-6TH) AND TUESDAYS (PRE-2ND) according to the schedule enclosed. Classes will begin the week after Labor Day-- for 3rd-6th grade on Monday, SEPT. 14th    and for Pre-2nd grade  on TUESDAY, SEPT. 15th  


Cindy Bowen-Owner/Director

    Cindy has been involved in TaVaci since her SIX children were of age to be IN TaVaci! She even had TWO children while still teaching.. (I know...amazing, right?---NOTE: keep in mind WHO is  TYPING this J )
    She has LOVED every minute of the teaching and now directing our concerts! Cindy continues to operate her own TaVaci School of Performing Arts that has been a part of her life for 34 years. There have been 1000s in her TaVaci program, now teaching 2nd generation TaVaci students!
    She is also the co-founder of  TaVaci Inc. where she has been able to share her gift of writing unusual and fun Christmas lyrics to some of the popular songs of today. She LOVES to watch the children sing and perform!
Heather Judy
3rd-6th Grade Teacher

Heather literally has been IN TaVaci for 29 PLUS years! Apparently, she can NOT get enough! J . She started singing with TaVaci at the age of 4 and hasn’t stopped to take a breath! Well, maybe TWO.. Heather is now an elementary school teacher at Edahow Elementary in her 8th year. She is married to Jeremiah Judy and the PROUD mother of cute Liberty and Bryson. We are thrilled that Heather is teaching TaVaci! Everyone LOVES her!  Heather is also a gifted choreographer and creates MUCH of the staging that our students display for our TaVaci concerts. Thanks Heather!

Andrea Evans
    Pre-2nd grade Teacher
Andrea is VERY familiar with TaVaci! She grew up in Brigham City, UT .She began her singing career at the age of 4 with TaVaci.  She sang all throughout her high school years and into college.  She has a degree in Early Childhood Education and has taught preschool for 7 years.  Her favorite things are teaching and singing.  What better way to do so than with TaVaci?  Andrea is the wife of a a wonderful guy, Cody and the mother of three fun-loving kiddos.  In her spare time, Andrea enjoys reading, baking, playing the piano, singing with her sisters, and hanging out with family and friends.  Thanks for being part of the TaVaci team Andrea! Our littles’ LOVE you!

As you can see, we are RIP-raring to go this semester! So-send in (or submit online) your information and then WATCH for a POSTCARD via EMAIL  the week before classes begin! I have had experience with some of you NOT getting this information! I will post it on FB, text you, and e mail you. You should receive it the week of  SEPT 2nd -7th .

Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis according to class space. You may do ONE of THREE options! (WOW….really?? Three options?? What to do, what to do??)

Option 1:
EMAIL (easiest!) J
If you have been in TaVaci in the past, I already have your child’s information, ALL you need to do is respond to the email this letter came in with the class preference! YAY!
          Student’s name: Alisa Jones – grade 3 class; Monday 4:45
 *If you have new siblings joining, Please add the following:
       NEW student: Jacob Jones—grade 4—class Monday 4:45
                                      *Birthday 10/15/08

Option 2:

Go to our TaVaci blog  for EASY-PEESY Registration ONLINE! 

YAY! NO need to use that forever stamp!

Follow the easy-step-by-step directions! Registration, payments, all in one click of a button!

MAIL form to:
TaVaci/Cindy Bowen
1375 Jane St.
Pocatello, ID 83201

**FAMILY REGISTRATION FEES:                      
Family Fee...........................$25.00
If you would like to give ANY other information, email is the QUICKEST way to contact me! Phone # if you need to speak with me call 208- 380-2333 . (Or text!)

2020 - 2021 Tuition Rates
 Fall Semester Tuition

One Child………………………………………….. $ 160.00
Two Children………………………………………$ 300.00 ($20 savings!)
Three Children……………………………………..$400.00  ($80 savings!)
**Tuition is rated by the semester period and not rated on a monthly OR on a class by class basis.  The tuition fees pay for your child’s education of the program, vocal training and drama skills.

Spring Semester Tuition

One Child………………………………………….. $ 200.00
Two Children………………………………………$ 375.00 ($25 savings!)
Three Children……………………………………..$500.00  ($100 savings!)

Monthly Installment Plan ( Semester Rate divided into monthly installment payments)

                                   $40.00..............1 child----- Sept - May
                                $75.00..…........2 children--Sept - May
                             $100.00.... ....….3 children--Sept - May
**Please Note with a  " * “if you are adding a student to the registration form. This will put their name on a waiting list only. I will call or e mail you if there is NOT a spot available.  So assume you received the class you signed up for unless notified.. See you in Sept!

MONDAYS                                 TUESDAYS
  3:45-4:45..3rd-6th (Boys and Girls) 3:30-4:15.....Pre-1st ("  --boys/girls )  
5:00-6:00.....5th-6th (" girls only)      4:30-5:15.....1st-2nd (  "---boys/girls )

Cindy Email:

 I will be e mailing quick notes and sometimes newsletters! Please add your e mail address to the registration form!!  Also, our website is periodically updated with DATES . SO, if you Lose your E mail letter, check the website (studio locations—Pocatello) for news and important dates.

Christmas 2020 Concert Date
We are scheduled at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center on Saturday, Dec 5th (Saturday) with rehearsals to be held on Thursday, Dec. 3rd   and Friday, Dec. 4th .
Spring 2020 Concert Date
We are scheduled at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center on Saturday, May 6th(Saturday) with rehearsals to be held on Thursday, May 4th   and Friday, May 5th   



STUDIO LOCATION     1375 Jane Street   Pocatello, Id                                   

·     Prices are pro-rated and are the same each month Sept-May. **Tuition is rated by the semester period and not rated on a monthly OR on a class by class basis.  The tuition fees pay for your child’s education of the program, vocal training and drama skills. Occasional adjustments are made by the director due to starting at a later date, and are up to the discretion of the director.
·        Concert Fee:  A concert fee per child of $15.00 per semester to cover the cost of hall rental. (*concerts are “free” to the public!) Blackfoot Performing ART Center! 

·        Late Fee Charges: A late fee of $10.00 will be charged to your account if it is 30 days overdue. This will be added each month the account is overdue.

·        Past Due Balances: Due to an overwhelming amount of past due accounts at the end of each semester, it has become necessary to instate a policy that all accounts must be current in order for your child to participate in the Christmas and Spring Concert. Late fees will apply.

There is a registration fee per family due upon registering. ($25.00 per family) This fee is due before classes begin. This fee covers the cost of paperwork, billing, and postage involved with your account for the year. It will also include cost for production for two practice vocal CD’s (Christmas and Spring music)
FAMILY REGISTRATION FEES:  ..............$25.00 (per family)
          Payment is due the FIRST LESSON of each month.(if paying monthly installments) Checks may be made payable to "TaVaci" If you are sending cash, PLEASE put it in a SEALED envelope with your child's name on it.. 
          Attendance to every class is much appreciated! However, we do realize conflicts arise. Please keep in mind children will perform well when they are confident about their music. 100% attendance awards will be presented to the 3rd- 6th grade students. (Pre- 2nd have a hard time understanding NOT receiving a ribbon--L)

Occasionally a 3 or 4-day weekend will fall on a Monday. We will NOT hold classes on holidays that fall on a Monday. )—unless notified by the teacher. (sometimes ONE class will be held for ALL Monday classes)

          The concert is an integral part of your vocal training. It is the most positive of all the music activities in improving self-esteem and confidence. There will be two concerts annually.(Christmas and Spring) All concerts and performances are free to the public.

The dress rehearsals held prior to the concert at the concert hall are MANDATORY. You will have advance notice of dates and times. The rehearsals are closed to the public AND parents! So SORRY!
          Occasionally we are invited to perform at special events. Attendance is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. There are no additional charges for these performances.

          All students are required to wear the selected costume. Used costumes will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis and only on the designated day(s). You will be notified of dates and times. Props are used for a number or two in concerts. There are additional fees for any props for all students.

“TaVaci Stop!” There is  a “TaVaci Stop” sign posted in the front of the studio where you are requested to drop off/pick up your child. Similar to a “bus stop” it has been provided for safety purposes. Children are NOT to cross the street arriving or departing from TaVaci. If all will drive UP Jane St. in a single file, this method will be effective. The safety of our children is the most important reason for this policy!  Please adhere to it!

PARKING REMINDER:  PLEASE, be extremely cautious when arriving and departing from the studio. Also...please do not block driveways in the neighborhood. This policy is GREATLY appreciated! (Especially by neighbors!)  If this policy is not honored, it could jeopardize your child’s position in TaVaci® .

If your child would like to bring a friend to class please notify your teacher, otherwise we would request that no visitors (parents included) attend class. The younger children in particular are easily distracted. If you have questions about your child's progress please notify your child's teacher.             

       Circle One Class Time: Monday ONLY,     3:45   OR       5:00

(Full Name)_____________________________________

Birth Place_________________     Date of Birth ___________________

Brothers & Sisters (names) __________________________
Favorite snack!____________________    Favorite Food _______________

Favorite Thing to Do(color, ride bikes, go to TaVaci, etc)____________________________

Family Activities You Enjoy:_________________________________________

What is Special About This Person:**(Mom or Dad Answer this question)__________________________________________________


Who do YOU admire the most? WHY?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What do you like to do for FUN: _______________________________________________________________

Any big accidents or surgeries???___________________________________________

Name some places you have been in your life(Europe, China or even Chubbuck!) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Would like to be a ___________________________when they grow up.

Anything else you would like to tell us about YOU!!__________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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