Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's January 2015! WOW! We are "raring" to go for the next semester! We are EXCITED to let you in on a few of the numbers we have prepared for this semester! Classes will begin on Monday, January 12 and Tuesday, January 13 in both Pocatello and Blackfoot! Please check the class times and correct days for your city!

Our concert is scheduled for May 9th with our dress rehearsals scheduled for May 7th and 8th. Once again, we will be holding our concert at the BEAUTIFUL Blackfoot Performing Arts Center! 

Here's a highlight of some of our numbers for our concert!

We are bringing back a fabulous rhythm number entitled STOMP! If you have never seen the group STOMP, you are in for a treat this spring! Here's a link to view a TEENY bit of what STOMP does:

 Additionally, we will perform an 80's medley, an Armed Forces medley (to make you cry!)

We are also performing a "Happy Day's" medley, (to make you HAPPY!

The Gummy Bear Song, Everyone Eats at My House, AND MORE!!

Let your friends know that we are accepting new students this semester and they can sign up NOW! 

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