Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's SUMMER! But soon this too will end, and we will then be READY for another season of TaVaci! We ALREADY have great music in store for every age group! Ages 4-12. We are able to take on more students, so please let your friends and neighbors know about this GREAT program!

Here's a couple of samples from our Spring Concert 2015. Had some great moments and tear-jerkers too! 

Also--check out our STOMP number. ALWAYS a Good Time there! 

WHICH reminds me....our theme for the year of 2015-16 is... 

Always a GOOD TIME! And that's what we have in TaVaci..A GOOD TIME. We want kids to know they can have a good time in doing GOOD things! 

Some of the music on board for the fall season:
Always a Good Time
Best "Dream" of My Life (a popular tune with Christmas words!)
Solfege Christmas
Carol of the Elves
Jingle Jangle Jingle
Merry Christmas to ME
Five Favorite Holiday Songs
Be a Santa

And MORE! You can e mail me at for more information AND you can register today on this site!

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