Thursday, March 16, 2017

WELL!! It DOES appear that SPRING is on the horizon! YAY! Has this been a WINTER to remember, or WHAT? 

SO.. here's some information regarding our upcoming concert! It's Saturday, May 6th at the beautiful and magnificent Blackfoot Performing Arts Center! We will begin promptly at 3:00  (with the trophy presentation to be held at 2:45) so be sure to be in your seats in plenty of time! in all's FREEEEE to everyone!

We have a few props (mostly for the Monday classes, but the Tinys (Tuesday 3:30) also have a very small item. We are calling them our "peepers" I won't post a picture as we want them to be somewhat of a surprise to you! But...let me say this.... If you don't SMILE ...REALLY big when you see them on the kiddos...I'll eat my hat...OR maybe I'll eat THIS hat. It's the hat the Monday classes will be wearing.

Also...the older kids will be using ONE while glove and ONE green glove for the very entertaining number Favorite Son. A fabulous rhythm number that will make you...yes, I said MAKE you tap your toe!

AND...finally... they will also be shedding some "light" sometime in the evening and will be wearing THESE...

We are thrilled to share what we have learned this year! Please e mail me or text me if you have any questions! Thanks for your fabulous kids! We love them ALL!!


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