Monday, January 9, 2017

January! BRRRRR! Is is cold enough for you? NO? Anyone ready for Spring? 

We are READY to begin our Spring Semester for 2017! Our music is FULL of fun and learning. We ALWAYS use at least one number involving rhythm and this year we promise it will be packed with THAT!

Favorite Son ( a real toe-tapper and hand clapper and finger snapper!) 

SING it to the World-made popular by the famous Penatonix- sure to be an audience pleaser!

It's Gonna Be OKAY! An Original by the Piano Guys! You'll simply LOVE it!

Wizard of Oz Hits!

Dance Your Socks Off Medley

Jeepers Creepers

One Little Cookie

AND there's more!

Spring Concert Date
May, 6
3:00 p.m.
Blackfoot Performing Arts Center
870 S. Fisher
Blackfoot, ID

We will hold rehearsals at the BPAC (as usual) with ONE major exception! Our DRESS rehearsal will be held on WEDNESDAY, May 3rd--NO REHEARSAL on Thursday, May 4th (may the 4th be with you..... 😂) and we WILL hold our pajama rehearsal on Friday, May 5th. Times will be announced later!

BRING a friend! January is "bring a friend month" You may bring a friend ONCE for FREE! You can bring 8 friends if you'd like 😏--AND if any of them decide to join us, YOUR account will be credited EVERY month through May $5.00 PER let's do the math...if your 8 friends join, uh.....I owe YOU $5 a month!  Hmmmm...perhaps I should re think this! 

And for FUN-here are some of our Ugly Sweaters from Ugly Sweater Day last December.

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