Thursday, July 14, 2016

I KNOW...I can't believe the summer is almost HALF over! We are getting things ready for our fall registration! Come one...come all! 

You can register RIGHT here--see the RED circle below? Well...refer to the actual page so you know where to go! It's that easy! You can register up to 4 members of your family! Check out the family pricing too!

We will begin classes on Sept 12th and 13th 
(week after labor day)

For a quick preview of what's to come:

A GREAT theme for the year "Sing it For the Whole World"

Some of our Christmas Numbers include:

Ugly Christmas Sweater  

Pine Cones and Holly Berries (light number! ALWAYS and audience pleaser!)

Joyful Night!

Christmas Cartoons

Mrs. Claus

Silent Monks---if you have NEVER seen are in for a treat!

There's MORE! But here's a clip of our Funny Food Medley from last May. What a BLAST!

If you have any questions about TaVaci--over 30 years here in Pocatello! Please e mail me at: 

OR call me at 208-380-2333  (Cindy)

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