Thursday, December 31, 2015

BRRR!! It's FREEZING outside today! But remember, that won't last too long (although it may seem like it! )

We are gearing up for GREAT stuff in the Spring starting January 11th and 12th. Come and join us! If you are already registered for last Fall, no need to RE-register. You're already IN! We will be mailing and Emailing a postcard the week before. Be watching for it!

Our Spring concert is scheduled for Saturday, May 14th. Time to be determined (but we are hoping for 3:00 p.m. again)

We are offering a screamin'deal to you parents who are LOVERS of TaVaci! Have your child (ren) invite a friend (or two or three) to class--1st class is FREE! Then...if that friend (or two or three) join TaVaci... you will receive $5.00 OFF of your tuition every month that that friend is enrolled in a given year! That's actually $25.00 OFF for the year--per student! This will include siblings!

Make sure to MOVE on this ASAP so that they (and you!) will receive all of the benefits from TaVaci.

AND's a few of what's to come this semester...

Green Eggs and Ham
Disney Movie Showstopper
Gonna Build an Ark
The MOM Song

Disco Fever (70's hit)
Make Some Noise
Funny Food (a Weird Al Medley)
**A SURPRISE from our BOYS
**A SURPRISE from our 5th-6th girls

Here's a sample of our Be a Santa number from our Christmas Concert!

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