Sunday, September 1, 2013

TaVaci in November and December! BRRRRRRR!!

Well--here we are AGAIN! It's almost time for our concert! December 7th is the magic day! We will hold our concert at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center 870 S. Fisher Blackfoot, ID. Concerts are FREE to the public and we LOVE to fill it up! That MAY be a huge task considering there are 1200 seats at this beautiful, clean facility! We are excited that there is a venue such as this to "show off" our kids! Please check your e mail for rehearsal days and times! We are certain that all who attend this years concert will be filled with the Christmas spirit and it will carry us all over to the new year! YIKES! 2014??? Really? Who would've ever "thunk" that we would be here? NOT me! We already have some "fun" stuff planned for the SPRING semester--if you are registered NOW, you will not need to re- register for the 2nd semester! You are already enrolled! BUT...if you have other children or friends that would be excited to join us in January,we need to know AS SOON AS YOU CAN TELL US!! Check out this cute new logo! You will see it on our sweatshirts in the Christmas concert on the 7th. We also have a performance scheduled for the 12th of Dec. to be held at the LDS Alameda Stake Center-- (across from Tendoy Elementary AND the OLD Winco) We will perform at 7:00 and should be DONE by 7:30. Please have your students there NO later than 6:45 in costume. We will start with the younger students (Tuesday classes) and then the Monday Classes. BUT they will ALL sing the opening and closing numbers. GREAT music for this semester! The kids have LOVED it and we have LOVED them, LOVING IT! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to ALL!! Cindy

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