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HAPPY Spring! Maybe I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch..Well...I don't actually HAVE chickens so that seems fruitless! But on the other hand..I LIKE fruit! OK...seems like I am completely OFF topic! Let's get with it!

First of all and most importantly...If you HAVEN'T saved the concert date--do it NOW!! I'll even post it here in a LARGE font so you can't say you didn't SEE it! Oooo...and it's even it RED!

Concert Date: 
Saturday, May 12th 3:00 
and it's FREE!!

Now that the important topic is done...there's MORE! We need to "pat" our teachers on the back for working SO hard to get your kiddos ready! We are prepared for a BIG show and we are certain you will LOVE what we have for you!

Beatles....Yah Yah Yah! A bit of Trashin' the Camp and Ooo Ooo Ooo! Jungle Medley! Also a fav from Trolls, and Ahoy Matey--a Pirate number...and be prepared to see some "lights" this concert! 

Which leads me to the PROPS! Here is a list of props we will be needing for this concert. Not so much for the Tuesday Classes..a little more for Mondays Classes.

Monday Classes
Beatles Wig
T shirt with screened black Tie
LED mini flashlight
Ribbon Wand
Total....................................$24.75 (including tax)

Tuesday Classes
Pirate Eye Patch
Ribbon Wand
Total............................................$8.00 (including tax)

Remember... you can pay online or by check or we still accept the green stuff 

AND...I just discovered a NEW way to pay (likely, it's an old way..but new to me! You can pay through Facebook messenger! Who knew?? Not me! But I LIKE it!

Concert fees.....$15.00 per student AND remember concerts are FREE! Bring your friends and relatives and enjoy!

You will be entertained and I believe AMAZED!

There's some rehearsal details that you need to be aware of. ONE...we had a "heck of a time" getting rental vans this semester. BUT..we did get ONE and so there will be "moms" driving a few students to and from Blackfoot. Thank you in advance to those who have agreed to help us on Thursday, May 10 ONLY.. Friday we will have a bus as usual.

NOTE: The below information is DETAILED and very specific! Carefully look at the dates/times that apply to YOU and your child an write it down--post in your phone..alarms sounding --whatever you need to remind you! AND..if your child will NOT be riding the VAN and/or BUS...I must know at least 1 day ahead of schedule

Transportation Schedule
Thursday, May 10    
(Dress Rehearsal --FULL COSTUME)
                                 Pre-2nd Transportation
Drop OFF your TUESDAY children……. 
BE at least 15 minutes early!                                                                     
We WILL DEPART at the times posted!!
(Tuesday CLASSES!)NORTH end section of Mini-dome parking lot (Corner of Bonneville and 18th  St) 
                                          Time         Date
                                3:45    5/10 (Thursday)
PICK UP your TUESDAY children.…… 
BE at least 15 minutes early!
(Tuesday CLASSES!) NORTH end section of Mini-dome parking lot(Corner of Bonneville and 18th  St) 
**I will send a group text when Van leaves Blackfoot                     
                                          Time          Date   
                                         6:15    5/10(Thursday)

                   3rd-6th   Vans Thursday, May 10    
                           (FULL COSTUME )
Drop OFF your MONDAY children…  
BE at least 15 minutes early!
We WILL DEPART at the times posted!!
 (Monday Classes) NORTH end section of Mini-dome parking lot(Corner of Bonneville and 18th St)  

                                      Time        Date
                                   5:00   5/10(Thursday)  
PICK UP  your MONDAY children….. 
BE at least 15 minutes early!
 (Monday Classes NORTH end section of Mini-dome parking lot(Corner of Bonneville and 18th  St) 
**I will send a group text when Van leaves Blackfoot                  
                                       Time        Date
                                       7:30  5/10(Thursday)  
Monday Kids NOTE: Please allow an additional 15 minutes LEIGHWAY on Thursday night. We are HOPING we will not need it, but we have some major staging to do and ‘just in case’ we are out of time, the additional 15 minutes will be WONDERFUL if needed!
1 Van will leave Blackfoot at 7:00 –Below Specialty STAYS— and will return in the 2nd van..
Specialty Rehearsal (Girls Hairspray -Monday all girls 5:00 class)  7:00-7:30
They MAY be quicker  the time listed. AGAIN..I will send a group text.

Friday, May 11th     (PAJAMA REHEARSAL)
ALL CLASSES Drop OFF— Mini Dome Parking Lot (Bonneville- 18th )
 Please be there 15 minutes early! 3:30!
 3:45 p.m. (Friday-5/11/18)
ALL CLASSES PICK UP— Mini Dome Parking Lot (Bonneville- 18th) 
7:00 p.m. (Friday-5/11/18

(Sorry—no bus L)
Saturday, May 12th     3:00

Blackfoot Performing Arts Center—be there by 2:30!
Concert is FREEEEEEE to all! Be there on time!

Address: 870 S. Fisher Blackfoot, ID

Next to Lovin' I Like Fightin''s an OPEN invitation! 
WANTED! Boys for our 3rd-6th specialty number! 
We will start rehearsals for this number the week after spring break! See schedule below

We are extending a SPECIAL invitation to BOYS to join our boys for this FUN FUN FUN number! They will love it and have a blast! SO...we're sending a message out to YOU to spread the word! There will NOT be a cost for this rehearsal--They do NOT need to be in TaVaci-- Only criteria is:

A boy from 3rd-6th grade
One who will listen to direction
They need to come to rehearsals on Monday from 4:40 to 5:00
They will need transportation to the dress rehearsal on Thursday May 10 to and from Blackfoot (help mom's-HELP!)
They CAN ride the bus with us on Friday--but that would mean they would stay for the 2 hours. 
AND..of course the concert on May 12 at 3:00

Needed: Overalls OR jeans and t shirt--(the rag-eddy the better!)

We have a few already joining us! The MORE the merrier! 

AND...if you "wonder" if someone you know just MIGHT be interested...we invite them to come to ONE rehearsal. If they opt NOT to be in the harm done! 

Please let me know how many and who will be joining us! Thanks so much for your help!
For your "viewing" pleasure to give you an's a clip!

Spring Break!
As usual, we will not hold classes during Spring Break March 19-20 but will resume classes next week!

CD's have been sent home! Please "invite" your child to listen to it! helps so much for those that do! It reinforces what they have already learned! So..thank you mom and dad!
If you did NOT receive your CD or if for whatever reason does not work properly..please let me know!

Concert DVD
We will have a concert DVD for purchase for $25.00 (mailing included!)

I will email statements in the next week or so! Billing will include April and May and props and concert fees. All fees are due before the Spring concert. Your cooperation is GREATLY appreciated! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to text or e mail me! We can't wait to perform for you!  

Happy Spring!

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